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Scan business cards directly to Salesforce

Speed your leads into Salesforce: a free, quick, highly accurate scanner app


A must-have for every Salesforce user

  • Smooth, Simple Scans

    Clean and intuitive UI

    Two taps and you’re good

  • Empower Your Phone

    Export the data to your contact list

    Speed the buyer’s journey

  • Completely Free

    No use limits!

    Scan cards and load your CRM with leads

  • ”Scan

    Simply scan business cards straight into Salesforce

    Get out your cards. Scan them with your iPhone or Android device. Do up to 4 in one shot. That's it. You’re all set. Our proprietary OCR digitization process gives you unrivalled 99.9% accuracy. Data is digitized and uploaded to your Salesforce CRM account, and stored in the app.

  • ”Scan

    Use immediately in Salesforce

    All your scanned cards/contacts are instantly uploaded to a single review page in Salesforce. From here, you can update the data if you want, and then allocate and use the contacts. Cards to data to lead nurturing: easy!

  • ”Scan

    Your contacts at your fingertips

    All scanned card data is saved to a searchable contact list in the app for easy access anywhere, anytime. You can also export any or all contacts to your phone’s contact list.

Business card scanning and data for CRM…

  • of business cards received by Salesforce users are never added to Salesforce

  • faster than manually inputting the data into Salesforce

  • saved monthly by the average user vs. manual input

Easy to Set Up & Use

Absolute Privacy and Security

All communication between your devices and our server is encrypted. We’re not able to identify any of your personal information or receive any data from Salesforce. Likewise, we treat your scanned contacts as carefully as if they were our own. And we do not sell or disclose this data to any third party.

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Executive FAQ on the Best Salesforce Business Card Scanner App

Q: Why is it free?
Both the Salesforce app and the Scan to Salesforce mobile app are indeed completely free. Our primary goal is to improve our optical character recognition (OCR) technology using real-world data. We do NOT sell or disclose any data to third parties, so information you scan is secure.
Q: How do I get started?
First, your organization must be in the US and using Salesforce Sales Cloud Professional Edition or above (Lightning). The Salesforce administrator needs to install the Scan to Salesforce app from AppExchange (test it in the sandbox if necessary). After installation, download the iOS or Android app and start scanning. Refer to our user guide (link) or feel free to contact us at
Q: Who makes the app?
Scan to Salesforce is made by Sansan, Inc., Japan’s leading provider of business card-based contact management solutions. Sansan is committed to turning encounters into innovation. Sansan’s a popular company in domestic and foreign media, owing to its unique solutions for companies and businesspeople. We use AI, machine learning, and deep analysis to facilitate communication and success.
Q: Does Salesforce approve?
Yes, they do. The app is on Salesforce AppExchange. Scan to Salesforce has taken care of the challenge of finding a simple (and free) business card scanner compatible with Salesforce. Not only that, Sansan’s namesake product, which creates a proprietary corporate database of business card assets, has a simple integration with the Salesforce CRM.