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Data-driven Human Connections

What We Strive For

Staying true to the course of our parent company, Sansan, we apply novel technology and practical interfaces to create apps that thrive on human encounters and all that results from them.

Delightfully Simple

Our always-connected world requires ease of use, but it should also require joy and delight. We aim to make our apps a pleasure to use, no matter what sort of technical stuff is going on beneath them.

The Best Data

Salesforce is just a shell if it’s not pumped full of rich data. We apply our advances in OCR and integration to fill the gaps left by human error and imperfect technology. The best data leads to opportunities, which lead to sales.

Fueled by Human Connections

When two people meet, be it online, on webcam, or some other way, new possibilities open up. Exchanging contacts is an agreement to do business. A new relationship. What we do from that point is where really great things happen.

Always Listening, Always Improving

With Scan to Salesforce, we’ll apply the Japanese principle of kaizen (continual improvement), driven by the user’s needs, to make your life better, no matter how the world turns.