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Best Salesforce Podcasts for Sales, Marketing, and IT Admins

Podcasts were already booming before COVID-19, and stay-home culture seems to have put them in a golden era. According to Podcast Insights today there are more than 1.5 million podcasts. As of October 2020, there are approximately 34 million podcasts. In fact, from 2018 there’s a 186% increase in unique podcasts and 89% increase in podcasts episodes.

There are many Trailblazers and other tech peers and gurus among them. But it’s hard to separate the fluff from the good stuff. We hope this helps.

Here’s a list of top Salesforce podcasts for Sales & Marketing professionals, IT Admins, and for general CRM and Salesforce users. These will keep you fresh on trends and make your commute or break time more productive.

For Sales and Marketing | For IT Admins and Developers | For All Salesforce and other CRM Users

Sales and Marketing

1.   Pardot Life Hacks

As the name suggests, this podcast passes on hacks on how to get better with Salesforce Pardot. The host, Jennifer Lynn Schnieder, makes sure the episodes are short and sweet, no more than 30 minutes. She also gives new tips 3 or 4 times a month.

Some of the topics discussed are RevOps, reports and their usage, and how to clean your Salesforce Pardot database.

2.   ‎The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Three times a week, Casey Cheshire talks about marketing for at least 1 hour (each episode). He puts his full energy into each episode and shares his knowledge of Pardot in a unique way. Quite often, he interviews marketing leaders and he hits on a wide range of topics.

Casey’s podcast can teach you how to set up your marketing team, how to put your marketing and sales teams in better alignment, and how to lift your email messaging game.

3.   Marketing Cloudcast

This Salesforce podcast is, as the name suggests, all about marketing. Salesforce created it specifically for Trailblazers. Hosts Megan Collins and Tina Rozul discuss marketing channels, how to best use data, and how to plan based on your Account/Contact/Lead data.

Apart from the nitty gritty, they also touch on careers in marketing and the future of marketing. They pack all this info into 30 minutes and share it twice a month.

4.   The Quotable Podcast

Here’s another recommended Salesforce-run podcast, this one geared to sales. Within 30 minutes, a range of experts from different industries share their tips and wisdom on how to scale your sales operations.

This might be through digitalization, using design, or improving your opportunity management. The amount of actionable advice makes it well worth your half-hour of listening.

5.   CRM Talk

CRM Talk, while not just about Salesforce, is relevant for all marketing and sales professionals on SFDC. It’s hosted by Steve Chipman and Sam Biardo, who discuss CRM and marketing automation. The pair provide practical advice and objective reviews of CRMs.

Tune in for the latest news from the CRM world. You’ll also learn more about sales automation and how it can be aligned with your marketing strategy. Steve and Sam meet two or three times per quarter without a fixed agenda. Sign up for alerts on new episodes.

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IT Admin

1.   Salesforce Way

Want to hear from knowledgeable speakers who own the trailhead? If so, this is a perfect fit. Host Xi Xiao interviews experts who can help you become a better architect. Topics discussed are often specifically aimed at engineers and developers.

Each episode is a tidy 30 minutes, and there’s a new one each week.

2.   SFDC Consultant

In this podcast, an experienced host with 8+ years of experience as a consultant interviews industry experts. Emeric Gabor and his guests discuss topics such as Salesforce implementation and App Exchange ISVs.

His show also gets into the role of consultancies in the industry. This is a weekly podcast and packs this valuable information into a half-hour.

3.   Good Day, Sir!

Jeremy Ross and John De Santiago twice a month connect for discussions that span about 1 1/2 hours. The tone is fun and engaging, while delivering valuable lessons.

Some topics discussed have been software solutions and development on the Salesforce platform. The episodes sometimes run to 2 hours, which is still probably not enough when they get going.

4.   Talent Hub Talk

Community leaders and Trailblazers share their knowledge and experience in these 40 minutes broadcasts. Sydney-based Salesforce specialist and recruiter Ben Duncombe hosts his podcast once a month and it’s created for CTAs.

If you have any questions you want Ben to cover, just send him a voice message on the podcast website. If you’re looking for a new adventure in Australia or New Zealand, Ben’s team can help you out.

5.   Salesforce Admins Podcast

This is a weekly podcast by Salesforce that covers Trailhead topics. You can hear from admins and product managers. The guests are people who transform business and careers through Salesforce. They share how they do it and get into some technical topics.

For learning more about Service Cloud and security Q&A this podcast is for you. And being from Salesforce, you may also hear about new features.

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All Salesforce & CRM Users

1.   Wizard Cast

Brian Kwong and Mark Ross host a 1-hour podcast every 2–3 weeks. As admins and developers, these guys know Salesforce inside out. They dig into Process Builder, APEX, workflow rules, and other workings of SFDC.

This Salesforce podcast will keep you up-to-date with the products and new features. Brain and Mark also discuss Salesforce careers and share tips.

2.   Forcepreneur

Trying to understand how Salesforce can help your business? Ankit Taneja’s Salesforce podcast is very accessible and a good place to start in on SFDC podcasts or add to your playlist. You’ll learn from other Salesforce users who’ll help you get knowledge that may be harder to come by in the SFDC documentation and help.

Some technical content also pops up, but nothing too heavy. New episodes of the podcast are usually once a month and they last 45 minutes.

3.   Two WIT

For a woman’s perspective on SFDC, hosts Melinda Smith and Kristi Campbell are just the ticket. They discuss very diverse topics once per month for a duration of 1 hour. They discuss Salesforce and how to empower women in the tech industry.

These necessary voices have been quiet for a few months, but we’ll chalk it up to coronavirus malaise. Expect more from this team.

4.   Campfire Stories

This Salesforce-inspired podcast always delivers good things. Topics aren’t clearly decided, but they’re likely to be good. Campfire Stories is great for Trailblazers who want to hear from thought leaders, admins, and developers.

Hosts Stacey Cogswell and Justice Sikakane Sr. meet once per month with their guests, who have experience building themselves up in the industry. There are good takeaways for all SFDC users here.

5.   CloudFocus Weekly

With more than 300 episodes and 10 years of podcasting, Justin Edelstein and Jason Atwood bring immense experience to each episode. They talk about all things related to Salesforce and they dive into some serious details.

Listen to them discuss topics ranging from Salesforce acquisitions to managing calendars. Lengths of these podcasts vary, but they’re generally around a half-hour. Do the math and you’ve got over 10,000 minutes of listening here. This makes time in traffic jams and on stuck trains much better spent.

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