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Best Salesforce AppExchange Apps for Small Businesses

Small businesses have unique demands on their time and resources. But if they’re investing in Salesforce, they’re putting in a good amount of cash and should get the best performance from it. This means filling it with high-quality data and enriching it with apps and integrations.

SMBs need to choose Salesforce apps that don’t bust the budget but still ramp up productivity for everyone from sales to admin.

That’s what we’ve got in this list – the best AppExchange apps for small businesses.

They’re broken into key categories important for SMBs and SMEs (i.e., small- and medium-sized businesses). Did we miss any categories? Let us know and we’ll update it.

Contact and business card entry, customer data streamlining

Scan to Salesforce

Price and conditions: Free

What it does: Customer relationship management (CRM) is nothing without customer data. And the Salesforce CRM needs high-quality, clean, and fresh data to justify the expense and get true ROI. Scan to Salesforce works like a pipeline of data fuel for sales and marketing.

Scan business cards on the spot, get highly accurate transcriptions, add field mapping and context in the queue, and upload them via the Salesforce integration. It uses technology that SaaS leader Sansan has been developing since 2007. Keep feeding fresh data to Salesforce. Assign Leads and Contacts. Follow up and run campaigns in Pardot.

5 features of Scan to Salesforce:

  • Superior 99%+ OCR accuracy for 16 languages
  • Quick organization setup and integration (can test in the sandbox)
  • Low-cost and easy to use
  • Recognizes and eliminates duplicate contacts (dupes)
  • Store contacts locally on the phone and in Salesforce, so it doubles as a phonebook
Here’s how easy it is for users to get going on this app.

Scan to Salesforce site here

Scan to Salesforce on AppExchange

Price quotes and documents

DocuSign, with eSignature

Price and conditions: Starts at $30/month/user for DocuSign and $10/user/month for eSignature

What it does: Businesses run on deals and contracts and DocuSign is a leader in paperless solutions for all types of transactions. It’s been cooperating with Salesforce for over a decade and we use it ourselves. The suite of functions helps businesses of all sizes integrate and automate preparation, signing, acting on, and managing agreements.

DocuSign Agreement Cloud includes eSignature, which is the world’s #1 electronic signing solution. And it works on just about any device you can imagine. Pricing is reasonable for all levels of users, which makes it a no-brainer for SMBs/SMEs as well unless they’re after a free solution (not recommended when you’re dealing with contracts).

5 features of DocuSign and eSignature:

  • Send and sign contracts at any time and location
  • Simple generation of contracts and agreements
  • Automated workflows and contracts
  • Access all customer agreements and contracts from Salesforce
  • E-signatures to eliminate faxes, paper, and physical travel

DocuSign site here

DocuSign on AppExchange

Mapping, routing


Price and conditions: $45/user/month (discounts for non-profits available) for annual plans

What it does: Geopointe, part of Ascent Cloud, location-enables Salesforce, allowing customers to apply geography to business processes and thereby streamline efficiencies.

It helps transform Salesforce data into business insights, visualizing data geographically and revealing hidden trends to better understand the where in data. It does this using features like proximity searching, routing and optimization, territory management, and live tracking.

5 features of Geopointe:

  • Routing and routing optimization, territory management, geographic search & analysis, Salesforce mobile ready
  • Territory management
  • Geographic search and analysis
  • Meetings scheduling, check-in, and notes functionality
  • Salesforce1 (Salesforce mobile app) ready

Geopointe site here

Geopointe on AppExchange

Customer feedback

GetFeedback (now part of SurveyMonkey)

Price and conditions: 14-day free trial and then customized Corporate and Salesforce plan pricing

What it does: This category essentially crosses over with form creation, as feedback is typically form-based. GetFeedback, part of SurveyMonkey) is dedicated to this purpose.

Strongly equipped with a user-friendly UI, users can make surveys and distribute them in myriad ways, via email and embedded. These can be followed up with rich analytics.

Here’s the app’s basic SFDC implementation.

5 features of GetFeedback:

  • User-friendly survey builder with templates
  • Send email through any client or Salesforce, Pardot, Marketing Cloud, and GetFeedback itself
  • Can create workflows to follow specific interactions
  • Survey distribution on a range of channels including within Salesforce
  • Real-time response data within Salesforce

GetFeedback site here

GetFeedback on AppExchange

Form creation


Price and conditions: Starts at $79/month

What it does: Formstack gives a superbly easy UI for drag-and-drop creation of most any form imaginable. Use it for webforms, sign-ups, surveys, and customer feedback, among, well, whatever you need a form form.

Formstack for Salesforce is a set of dynamic, customizable modules that allow Salesforce customers to digitize processes at scale, in and around their Salesforce org.

You can also integrate payment functions, and the Salesforce-native environment ties things nicely in with your Accounts, Contacts, and Leads. The reasonable pricing is also quite friendly for tight budgets and scalable even for just a few users, making it accessible for the smallest of small businesses.

5 features of Formstack:

  • Prefill and capture data from any Salesforce object
  • Forms are all responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Salesforce community forms
  • Form Conversion Kit offers rich analytics and insights into customers
  • Automation means no syncing of data or mapping of fields

Formstack site here

Formstack on AppExchange

Event management

Blackthorn Events

Price and conditions: Starts with free trial via AppExchange, standard rate is $518/month

What it does: Events are at the core of networking and building relationships. This includes online events, and there are platforms to manage the whole shebang. This is the highest-rated event management app on Salesforce AppExchange, owing to its impressive abilities. Blackthorn Events lets you plan, invite, and register, run, and report, all in Salesforce.

For SMBs, higher education, non-profits, healthcare, financial services, etc., events give essential information about your contacts that, when viewable and stored visibly in Salesforce activity histories are very easy to act on. Teams can have more effective conversations, decrease time-to-purchase, spend less time on logistics, and more time creating an engaging revenue-driving event.

5 features of Blackthorn Events:

  • Native, no integration
  • Virtual and In-person Events (small to large)
  • Free or paid events, single or recurring
  • Attendee check-in app (iOS, Android)
  • Monthly feature updates, 100% 5-star reviews
Blackthorn maintains a very personal touch, which is reassuring.

Blackthorn Events site here

Blackthorn Evens on AppExchange

Texting, SMS, chatbots

360 SMS App

Price and conditions: Starts at $15/user/month, trial available

What it does: The 360 SMS app is a texting automation solution that primarily focuses on configurable “no-code” and force-multiplying abilities over a user-friendly interface for productivity. It’s meant to be a one-stop, Salesforce-native texting app. It easily lets non-tech users send bulk, batch-scheduled, or automated texts.

There’s actually such a range of customizability, it will help a small business to consult with the company to get the configuration that will best help them. A modest price for something that frees up a great deal of time so you can get out there (or on webcam) and make deals.

5 features of 360 SMS App:

  • One-stop communication solution for MMS, WhatsApp, CTI, ringless voicemail, templating, link-tracking, and a one-view conversation console
  • Conversational one-on-one texting with SMS and chatbots, and unlimited batch texting
  • Lightning, Salesforce1, and Classic ready
  • Scheduled SMS and event reminders
  • Multi-language and available in 150+ countries

360 SMS App site here

360 SMS on AppExchange



Price and conditions: Starts at $3,000/year per Salesforce organization

What it does: Payment solutions aren’t the most glamorous apps, nor do they need to be. Chargent is 100% Salesforce-native, Lightning-ready, and it’s been at it since 2008. It’s the top-rated payment solution on AppExchange and can process credit cards, eChecks, and recurring billing.

By being completely contained in Salesforce, it speeds along revenue capturing, helps eliminate duplicate entries, and enhances ordering and invoicing. Chargent connects to more than 30 payment gateways, including, PayPal, and Stripe.

Its simple layout and high level of integration make it well-suited for SMBs/SMEs. Keep in mind that while the price alone may look high, that’s an organization-wide solution for a year, which is quite reasonable.

5 features of Chargent:

  • Highly customizable for various payment functions in Salesforce
  • Connects with 30+ payment gateways, including PayPal and Stripe
  • Developer tools and API for even greater customization
  • No further transaction fees through Chargent itself
  • Long track record and strong customer base

Chargent site here

Chargent on AppExchange

Email marketing


Price and conditions: Starts for free with basic functions for 2,000 contacts, paid plans start at $9.99/month and move in the hundreds based on users and features

What it does: This name MailChimp, and the capped monkey logo, will be familiar to many. We use MailChimp as well. From basic newsletters to mailing lists in the thousands, MailChimp is tried and tested. It’s user-friendly and you’ll join millions of users of the most popular email marketing platform.

5 features of MailChimp:

  • Create integrated multi-channel marketing using sign-ups forms, surveys, social media
  • In-depth customer profiles
  • Templates and user-friendly tools for creating visual content w/minimal design skills
  • Use pre-built campaigns based on your audience data
  • Robust tracking tools for marketing campaigns

MailChimp site here

MailChimp integration on AppExchange

Fundraising and Nonprofits


Price and conditions: Officially, there’s a free trial and plan, and the full set of features start at $499/month. However, Classy has flexible pricing to accommodate nonprofits. Contact them for details.

What it does: Classy bills itself as a “social enterprise.” Its only fundraising tools are geared toward nonprofit to make the giving process smooth and seamless, without compromising software quality on the back end.

It can be used for crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising, event registration and management, and various types of donations. The aim is to let NPOs/NGOs manage all their fundraising with a single platform. Moreover, with similar budgetary constraints as SMBs/SMEs, nonprofits will appreciate the pricing.

5 features of Classy:

  • Campaign and event management
  • Infrastructure to accept one-off and recurrent donations
  • Donor management
  • Contribution tracking
  • Mobile giving

Classy site here

Classy on AppExchange

Performance management, gamification


Price and conditions: $30/user/month (discounts for non-profits available)

What it does: Work is not just about getting the job done, and a gamification approach can add elements of competition and fun to team performance.

LevelEleven is a performance management SaaS suite that helps leaders motivate, engage, and coach people around behaviors that drive better outcomes. It helps teams understand their goals and how to achieve them.

Managers can coach with consistency using actionable behavior data. Executives have real-time visibility into mission-critical KPIs. Leaders use LevelEleven to transform their teams and processes by establishing a culture of performance.

5 features of LevelEleven:

  • Data-driven coaching, coaching templates
  • Sales gamification, contest engine, leaderboards, performance scorecards
  • Personalized song and video achievement alerts
  • Manager scorecards
  • Goal management

LevelEleven site here

LevelEleven on AppExchange