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Add Leads to your Campaign immediately,
and follow up before your competition does

The early vendor captures the customer. Lead time is everything.
Upload business card data to Salesforce right after prospects visit your booth.
Trigger an email campaign even before your new leads leave the venue!

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Scan 4 cards in a
single shot

Follow up when your booth is packed and you’re busy with discussions? No problem!
Quickly scan new contacts into Salesforce and immediately assign them.

Scan to Salesforce - business card scans

Associate Leads with Campaigns

Create Leads from business card data in a single tap.
You can also associate them with Campaigns and use Pardot to trigger email automation.


Leads from business card data in a single tap


Leads directly to Salesforce with Campaigns


Campaigns to use Pardot to trigger email automation

Validated and
actionable data

Addresses on business cards are validated and split into the right fields. Contact name and company name are normalized to avoid duplication.

16 languages

Is your team working globally? International prospects stopped by your booth? Scan to Salesforce can scan, recognize, and digitize 16 major languages.

English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese

Track ROI from your event

Leads or Contacts created from Scan to Salesforce are flagged. So you can easily generate reports to analyze how many leads you captured at events. Use this insight for follow-up and future events.
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