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Axia Payments

Merchant services provider and reseller of electronic payment
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An Axia Payments Regional Sales Manager used Scan to Salesforce to cut his daily Salesforce lead input time from 1 hour to just 10 minutes, and to eliminate manual data entry.


Regional Sales Manager Teddy Elsenbaumer of Axia Payments acquires a lot of business cards during his door-to-door sales rounds. And he was tired of manually entering these new leads into Salesforce.

“Manual data entry was costing me roughly 45 to 60 minutes each night entering new leads into Salesforce from the business cards I’d gathered that day,” he says.

Elsenbaumer’s not alone with the hassle of manually entering contacts. In this digital era, manual entry is still the #1 way to get data into the CRM. Fortunately, he found an easy solution, or rather, it found him.


Eliminating manual data entry


Elsenbaumer had tried taking photos of cards and using Evernote for notes, but he still had to enter the data by hand.

So when Axia Payment’s Salesforce admin introduced Scan to Salesforce and sent out an email about it, Elsenbaumer was eager to try it out.

“We had the choice of whether to use it,” he says. The choice was easy because it was an immediate time-saver.

He says daily scans with Scan to Salesforce now only take him about 10 minutes.

Easy to implement and get going


Axia Payments is an independent sales organization that sells payment processing solutions. It operates as a division of i3 Verticals, an IT service management company with clients in retail, restaurants, hospitality, and others.

“We help our clients across these industries to reduce friction that occurs at the time of checkout or billing,” Elsenbaumer says.

Putting Scan to Salesforce in place was a simple matter of Axia Payments’ Salesforce admin downloading the quick setup app from AppExchange and running a test in the sandbox environment.

When they’d confirmed everything worked OK, it was loaded into individual SFDC accounts and an explanatory email was sent to all staff. All the users needed to do was download the Scan to Salesforce app for iPhone or Android, set it up in a few clicks, and start scanning cards.

All Axia Payments employees who regularly acquire business cards have made Scan to Salesforce their go-to scanning app. Elsenbaumer estimates his team alone uses it to process about 60 business cards each week.

“Transitioning from a physical card quickly allows me to engage my leads more quickly, and to stay organized.”

—Teddy Elsenbaumer, Regional Sales Manager, Axia Payments

Fast, easy, and quicker lead retrieval


The time between acquisition of a new contacts and following up on that lead is critical.

“Transitioning from a physical card quickly allows me to engage my leads more quickly, and to stay organized,” Elsenbaumer says.

With Scan to Salesforce, a card can be scanned on the spot and uploaded to Salesforce, whether right after a sales visit or on the tradeshow floor. This gets Leads and Contacts straight into the funnel for immediate lead retrieval.


Adding context and syncing with Salesforce1 mobile app


Scan to Salesforce digitizes cards really well. It also seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, as Axia Payments’ users found out. But that’s not all. Elsenbaumer picked up on some of the other advantages.

“I appreciate the ability to add notes on the mobile app after scanning a business card,” he says. “The automatic address validation is also a big time-saver. And it’s also handy to have the Scan to Salesforce tab in the Salesforce1 mobile app.”

He says a plan is in place to introduce the rest of i3 Verticals (11 other divisions) to the app.

When asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how likely he’d be to recommend Scan to Salesforce to a friend or colleague, Elsenbaumer says, “I’d give it a 10.”

What to look for in the future


The Scan to Salesforce app launched in 2019, but it’s the product of over a decade of production by Sansan, Inc., a leading Japanese SaaS company. We created it to solve this simple problem of manually entered contacts, which leads to dirty data and missed opportunities.

Elsenbaumer gave us some great ideas to build on. He hoped that the tech would be able to convert ALL CAPS to Name Case, and we’ve already added that functionality. He also wants the app to better handle complex logos and hopes the notes function will be enhanced. As we’re continually improving our tech (e.g., we can now read 16 languages), we’ll take these ideas on board and look to keep making a better product.

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Industry: Financial Services
Size: 500+ employees
Location: California, USA

Axia Payments, an i3 Verticals company, is transforming the way merchants accept electronic payments by guiding businesses through the complex landscape of payment processing. From retail and eCommerce to construction and B2B, Axia services nearly every industry – partnering with more than 10,000 clients across the United States. Axia Payments offers efficient, cost-effective and secure payment solutions to help merchants concentrate on what matters most – growing their business.