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Why Scan to Salesforce?

No more manual data entry, smooth coordination
with Salesforce CRM


Quick, Simple,
Accurate Scans

Get out your cards. Scan them with your iPhone or Android. You can do up to 4 in one shot. That’s it.

Our proprietary OCR digitization process gives high accuracy, and works for multiple languages.


Use Immediately
in Salesforce

All your scanned cards/contacts are instantly uploaded to a single review page in Salesforce.

From here, you can update the data if necessary. Then allocate and use the Contacts.


Absolutely Secure
and Free

All communication between your devices and our server is encrypted.

We are not able to identify any of your contact data. And we help keep it protected.

Easy to set up and use

Facts about business card scanning
and CRM

Less than


of business cards received are actually added to Salesforce

More than


faster than manually inputting data into Salesforce

More than

123 mins

saved monthly by the average
user vs. manual input


“I can now upload business
card data
into Salesforce in
a fraction of the time
I used to spend. That's a big help.”

Teddy Elsenbaumer
Regional Sales Manager, Axia Payments
California, USA
Scan to Salesforce user since 2019

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